Omegle Similar Site - Random Strangers Text Chat Room


Well, you've made it to our random text chat page. Here at, we pride ourselves with offering all the possible chatting options anybody could desire, whether it's text, video, webcam, or whatever. You want it, we provide it! And this page is a perfect example of us making sure our visitors come first. A lot of other sites will only offer video choices, and not give a text-only option, even though there are always people looking to go back to being old-fashioned, or just looking to not always have their faces available for everyone else's viewing pleasure. Let's face it, sometimes live video just isn't desirable, and that's where this part of our website comes in handy.


We believe that our offering here on this page of our site is better than basically all the other sites like Omegle. Why? Well, quite frankly, we have more features, and better features! We have the bare bones stranger chat, but then we take it further with our nice little additions. First, we thought about what was missing from all the other sites, and then we added it! Walla! The first addition I would like to mention is very important - SMILIES! Yea, the little emotional yellow heads, which are awesome. I mean seriously, how can you even have a chat session with anyone online without having smilies / emoticons? It just doesn't work. So yea, that's a big improvement we offer.


But wait! I almost forgot our other major improvement, and this one is HUGE. We allow you to....wait for it....wait for it....upload images! Yea, that's right, you can upload pictures and post them right into your conversation. Not only that, but once you upload the pictures, you can post them in as many conversations as you want with as many people as you want without having to reupload them! All of this makes sharing pics SOOOOO much easier than what you have to do everywhere else: go to some other website, upload a picture, copy the link to it, paste the link in the chat, wait for the other person to visit the link, and so on. This cuts out all of those annoyances! And, this is a big part of what makes us SO much more than just another Omegle similar site!


Hmmmm, I think that about covers everything. Well, not everything, I could go on and on if I wanted, but it at least covers the important stuff. Go get your chat on!